You can find here some products from PSS portfolio with technical parameters. PSS portfolio is based on a strong responsibility to research and development, as well as industry-wide standards.

PSS SCG 200 | Speed Combi Grinder

PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder

PSS SCG is designed for food industry operations for fast grinding of any kind of fresh and frozen meat as well as whole frozen meat blocks with temperatures down to -25 °C. PSS SCGs ensure an excellent product quality in range from coarse to very fine cutting.

PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder - Control panel PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder - Grinding head

How It's Work?

The frozen meat blocks are loaded into the PSS SCG hopper, where they are cut by the feeding worm; the process creates neither meat dust or small materials. Pre – grinded material is moved towards the cutting head by the processing worm. A desired structure is achieved according to choice of final hole plate. Separate drives with frequency converters enable an independent control of each worm.

PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder - Hopper with Frozen Meat -25°C PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder - Coloured Touchscreen PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder - Grinding head with material PSS SCG 200 Speed Combi Grinder - Material


- PSS BES bone elimination system
- Mirror - effect polished worm
- Mirror - effect polished hopper
- Inspection footsteps
- Inspection platform
- Extension of hopper walls
- Remote access via internet

Technical parameters

Cutting worm input 55 kW
Feeding worm input 11 kW
Capacity fresh meat* fine grinding 4 000 kg/h
rough grinding 13 000 kg/h
Capacity frozen blocks* fine grinding 2 000 kg/h
rough grinding 4 000 kg/h

*depends on meat temperature and chosen cutting set

PSS SM 700 | Speed Mixer

PSS SM 700 Speed Mixer

PSS SM is designed for food industry operations for fast mixing of any kind of products. PSS SM ensure even and gentle mixing regardless of product structure.

PSS SM 700 Speed Mixer - Vegetable PSS SM 700 Speed Mixer - Outlet

How It's Work?

PSS SM 700 Speed Mixer - Hopper with product

The mixers achieve the best mixing times thanks to its modern design. The product is mixed up by maximally overlapping paddles in almost square, two–level hopper. Rotating overlapping paddles gently move the product to every direction and deliver a desired final structure. The clearance between the paddles and the hopper is so minimal that there is no compression or squashing of product. PSS SM also optimize fast emptying because of the two–level hopper and minimize a product remnant thereby significantly reduces operating time between batches and eliminates unsolicited contamination.


- Dust lid without sealing
- Grid cap
- Cover plate with sealing
- Weighing system on frame
- Floor weighing system
- Stand adjusted for weighing
- Temperature sensor
- Cooling system of top N2 injection
- Cooling system of top CO2 injection
- Cooling system of bottom CO2 injection
- Steam injection system
- Water dosing system
- Double jacket
- Isolation
- Mirror - effect polished hopper and paddles
- Inspection platform
- Remote access via internet

Technical parameters

Total input 8 kW
Total hopper volume 900 l
Net mixing volume 700 l
Weigh of the machine 1 700 kg
Control via frequency converters yes
Control voltage 230/24 V AC

PSS M 4000 | Microcutter

PSS M 4000 Microcutter

PSS Microcutters are designed for food industry operations and are used for the finest cutting and subsequent emulsifying of processed material. The PSS Microcutter construction is so specifically designed that the devices can be practically used not only for meat cutting but also for preparation of pâtés, spreads and sauces of any kind or for fruit and vegetable processing.

How It's Work?

PSS M 4000 Microcutter - Set up with Universal Mixer

The biggest advantage of the PSS Microcutters is the low-placed hopper that enables uncomplicated feeding of the device. Two levels of cutting and high cutting speed ensure very fast processing and required product quality achieving. The outlet pipe, characterized by a possibility of rotation and position changing, ensures smooth and rapid emptying. The PSS Microcutter equipment includes a digital temperature sensor, whose function is illustrative temperature recording of processed material.


The PSS Microcutters are controlled simply and practically by control buttons for switching the device On and Off , which are placed on the control panel in the operating personnel view with easy access.

PSS M 4000 Microcutter - Control panel PSS M 4000 Microcutter - Cutting set PSS M 4000 | Microcutter - Hopper PSS M 4000 Microcutter - Pregrinded shrimps (in PSS RMM 160) before and after M 4000

Technical parameters

Total input 45 kW
Machine weight 585 kg
Cutting assembly speed 2 955 rpm
Main dimensions (L x W x H) 2000 mm x 1040 mm x 1105 mm
Control voltage 230/24 V AC

PSS SFV 721 | Speed Filler Vacuum

PSS SFV 721 Speed Filler Vacuum

PSS SFV 721 is multifunctional device designed for medium and large operations of food industry. It serves for a perfect filling of meat products and other food products. The device is a guarantee of effective usage and ensures a continual process of batching and filling of processed materials. PSS SFV 721 significantly contributes to obtaining of final product of excellent quality and ideal structure.

How It's Work?

PSS SFV 721 Speed Filler Vacuum - Hopper with meat

The processed material is fed into the hopper, where it is retained by two processing worms that gently move it towards the batching device. PSS SFV 721 can also be used with the additional device (grinding attachment), which ensures the quality grinding and subsequent material filling into appropriate casings. The device is characterized by a great performance, a high dosing accuracy and a minimal product remnant in the hopper. PSS SFV 721 is standardly equipped with a vacuum system, which inhibits a possible creation of air bubbles in the final product. Perfect stability of the machine and easy cleaning of the underneath area is ensured by the height adjustable feet.


- Grinder – attachment with a standard set of cutting plates and as an option the plates from 2 to 8 mm, as well as an option the worms and plates for grinding of cooled meat pieces to 3 kg
- Set of worms for various types of meat and visco-elastic milk products

PSS SFV 721 Speed Filler Vacuum - Sausages in natural casings PSS SFV 721 Speed Filler Vacuum - Product PSS SFV 721 Speed Filler Vacuum - Control panel PSS SFV 721 Speed Filler Vacuum - Accessories trolley

Technical parameters

Total input 25,3 kW
Hopper volume 250 l
Output - production of cooked products, batch
weight to 1000 g with use of automatic clipping machine
to 2 400 kg/h
Output - frankfurters for weighting with batch
weight 50 g, Ø24mm
to 576 frankfurters/min
Regulation range of batch weight for production of
frankfurters and sausages
25-150 g

Meat-processing equipment

We are continuously investing into machines development and testing to verify their operation, to prevent them from potential deficiencies and to avoid possible failures in the further development.



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